MaiPDF Introduction

What Do You Need
If you need to make PDF files accessible to your fellows, you can upload them to the Web. A file host gives you the ability to add your PDF to the server so you can use it as personal file storage, or offer the link to others. Use a free, online file host option - MaiPDF to upload your PDFs.

What does your sharee need
Creating a URL for a PDF document is similar to creating URLs for other file types. In order to view the PDF document after clicking on the link, the user DOES NOT have to have Adobe Reader installed on their computer. All they need is only a BROWSER which can open a URL,whether it is a phone , tablet , MAC even PC….

What is the price to pay
MaiPDF is super easy to use, in order to save your redundant time, and let you to waste it on something else, we DON’T require you to login to upload the file, instead, go straight to upload page, and upload your file, you get a link and share it. After sometime, you go back to check who has read your files.

What is the Protection of sharing from MaiPDF
Track who has read your file
At MaiPDF’s Share Link, the person CANNOT download your PDF, CANNOT Make a Copy / Duplicate it in their side. You can set how many times to be read, what is the length of each reading period. MaiPdf Offers the feature of tracking,you can have a overview of who has read your PDF files